Newborn Portrait Tips

Congratulations! These next few months will fly by so be sure that you document that growing belly with maternity portraits.  Be sure to book your maternity portraits early and check out the Belly to Baby package from Kayla Jones Photography, a great deal!

So you’ve booked a session with me…..what now? Well, if this is your first baby then take my advice and get as much beauty sleep as you can because once that baby gets here sleep will come few and far between. Also, don’t forget to enjoy this time in your life, pregnancy is one of those milestones that you will want to look back at years from now and remember how you felt at that very moment.

For a maternity session I like to book my moms in their 8th month, that way we have a nice round belly and you are not extremely uncomfortable yet. We will talk about background locations, themes, wardrobe and anything else that you may have in mind. I am a pinterest addict and love it when my clients are too! We can exchange ideas from pinterest and talk about how to incorporate those ideas into a shoot.

Once the baby arrives I tell my moms to text, call, email, or facebook message me that you are home from the hospital. I like to capture my newborns within the first 7 days. That way I can squish, mold and take those ever so cute sleepy baby poses. Babies that are within that 7 day mark *usually* sleep soundly, curl up into that fetal position and have clearer skin. After that 7th day it becomes a lot more challenging for everyone.


Tips for your newborn’s portrait session….


– Try to give the baby awake time before I arrive (and feeding), that way we he/she will be extra sleepy.

– Make it a tad bit warmer in your home, your baby will be undressed for most of the shoot so do not want a chilly baby. Yes, you and I both will be sweating but that’s ok we can pretend we are at the beach.

– Undress down to the diaper, wrap the baby snug in a blanket for warmth. Try to keep his/her diaper rather loose to avoid red marks and diaper lines.

– Feed the baby right before I am scheduled to arrive. A full belly always = a happy, sleepy baby.

– Feel free to lay out anything special to use in the portraits. Maybe a special blanket, hat or any other prop that you would like to use. I bring a variety of hats, cocoons, wraps etc with me as well. If you have a theme in mind be sure to talk with me about this prior to the shoot so I can plan accordingly.

– If the baby takes a pacifier, keep that handy we may need it to soothe him/her during the poses.

– Most of the shots are done naked so be sure to have extra wipes/diapers and clothes handy for mom and dad.

– The parents will be asked to stay near by, your baby knows your voice and touch. A soothing stroke on the back and whisper of your voice can calm him/her down if need be. You may also be asked to help your baby from pose to pose, if you have had a C-Section and are not able to bend as easily I ask the Dad or a grandparent be present to help out. I am very comfortable with babies ( I have two boys myself) but like I said before, your baby knows your touch.