What to expect during a session

When a potential client contacts me to inquire about a portrait session they often have questions about the details and overall process. I thought it may be easier to share with everyone how I like to breakdown my portrait session timeline. By doing this I may answer a few of your questions and show how easy and painless a portrait session can be. If you have met me before you know that I am very laid back and will go with the flow. I understand that each of my clients are unique and will do things just a little bit different. I am a mother of two boys so I completely understand the need for patience when trying to make a child smile and stand in place. I welcome advice and tips from my clients.

Here’s how a typical family session would go…..

– After the initial new client inquiry (via phone, email, text, facebook message etc.) we chat about the overall portrait session they would like. I will then go over my pricing and packages.

– After the client books the portrait session we discuss date/time, location, wardrobe selection etc. I welcome continued communication from my clients from the booking time to the actual session date. I often send a reminder email or text before the session.

– The day of the portrait session I will arrive early to assess the lighting and overall location details. I like to run through my ideas for the session, and I love using pinterest as a guide. Food for thought….if you are as addicted to pinterest as I am then be sure make a board for your portrait session and let me know about it in advance. That way I can look at your thoughts and ideas before we meet.

– When my clients arrive we chat for a bit on what I have planned and I try to answer any questions that they may have. I will do my best to warm up to small children, it’s easier if we become friends before I start asking them to smile and pose for the camera.

– If the session includes several people, especially a multiple family type session I like to get group shots first. Small children’s patience will start to dwindle after so long so I try to get the important group, posed shots done first.

– You know your family better than I do, so I ask which poses they like and who they want in the shot. Dad’s with their children, mom’s with their children, mom and dad alone etc. Try to remember that it’s important to get a shot of you and your significant other, so many times parents focus on the kids and forget to capture their love for one another.

– After the posed shots are taken I love to watch children at play. We may make silly faces, run around, jump, play peek-a-boo, etc. Anything to lighten the mood and have fun! I personally believe the action shots of kids is a million times better than a posed shot. Their personality will shine through during these action shots! I love love love it when I capture a “blooper moment,” those are the types of images that have a story behind them and are absolutely priceless!

– I love to chat with my clients during their sessions, and get to know my clients. I can honestly say that I have made some amazing friends all because they booked a session with me.

РAfter the session is over I give the client my welcome packet, containing the paperwork for the session to be filled out at that time. The welcome packet also includes a product brochure  and other goodies to say thank you for choosing me to be your photographer! At this time the client will pay their sitting fee.

– I will go over the details of how the online gallery works and give the approximate date that their online gallery will be available for viewing. I also stress how important it is to watch my blog and Like my facebook page. That way they can keep an eye out for any sneak peeks that I may post.

Here are a few examples of what I have described above, including those ever so loved “blooper moments” as I call them.